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Hey! I’m Rosie Hawtin (she/they), an illustrator, designer, maker and weirdo who has been living and working in Edinburgh since 2014. I love to make art with a mythological and ethereal feel, which explores ideas of femininity, queer identity and the psyche. My work tends to focus on imagery around anatomy, nature, and the figure, imbued with either feelings of fun dreamlike escapism, or direct emotional intensity. I enjoy working in all sorts of mediums, with a balance of organic pencil and printmaking textures, and a playful and exploratory approach to colour.

I am open to both professional and personal commissions, and if you have a project enquiry, please submit it via the contact form on my commissions page. I make prints, cards, stickers, and zines of my work, which you can find on my Etsy shop, and also have a digital art book available for purchase online called Alexandra Amalie, which I made in collaboration with Woo Yoon.

If you like what I make, please consider commissioning me, purchasing some of my art, or donating to my Ko-fi so I can continue to make it!

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